NDS Boy Android emulator app for the Nintendo games

The Best emulator for Nintendo games.

The Nintendo games are very much popular with the young generation. You need a specific handheld device to play the Nintendo games. But now you do not need to worry about it. Because, we have the answer for it. You can play them with your new Android devices. Smartphones and the tabs are available to play with the app.


We love to play them. Now, as the technology has developed, we have the chance to play them in our smartphones also. There are so many emulators out there. The NDS Boy emulator app is one of them. This is the Nintendo DS game emulator app. It has the ability to let them play the Nintendo games on your Android device.

NDS Boy emulator ha good customer reviews. All of the games will work perfectly ok with this app. The app is one of the fastest apps.

The requirements for the app.

There are some specific requirements which you have to complete before installing the app. The RAM of the Android device should be higher than 2 GB. If you have a RAM which is less than this amount, then we like to warn you that the Nintendo games will get slow when you play from this app. So make sure to use the high capacity devices. Try to turn off the game sounds, it will be ok with the low RAM devices.

We have another announcement for the Android users, that is the emulator app will not have any gaming ROMs with. You can download the NDS ROM files from any source. You can play games which come from the archived formats. The users will have the ability to some additional configurations with this emulator app.

Most of the time what you need is to get to know about the exact number of the version of the Android device to get compatible with this app. The Android users should have the 4.0 Android version or higher versions. So, if you are downloading and then installing the app, you have to keep the story in mind. This emulator app is available for 17 and more languages including the English language.

We really hope that the article was helpful. Please go through the correct installation guidelines and then install the app. Stay connected for more details about the Nintendo DS apps.