Top Android Emulators For Nintendo DS

What can you have for Nintendo? Here are the apps.

The games on the Nintendo DS are a popular gaming console among young gaming people. Actually, not only for the young people, this game is absolutely fine with old people also. It is interesting and famous. The game is popular, so each and every user loves to play the game on their own device. Is there any chance for it? Let us see!

nintendo DS

It has a good reputation among all other apps which works as Android emulators. This is a good console game under the handheld gaming category. You have to have the gadget to play the Nintendo games. But fortunately, you do not have to carry that gadget. Instead, you can put the Nintendo game into your Android smartphone or the tablet! Let us have a look of those apps, which help you to have in a tiny Android device.

Below is the set of apps which will allow you to play the Nintendo games with no worries. You can choose one of the apps to play the Nintendo games. As you can see, we have chosen the most accurate and amazing emulator apps for the Android operating system. Almost, all the apps are free. Only one app is there that you have to pay a certain amount. Again, that amount is worth for the app. For more details, please have a look at the app list.

The AseDS emulator app.

When talking about this AseDs emulating app for the Android operating system, you can have the app for free. You do not need to pay a single amount for this. This is a new type of emulator for the Nintendo games. You can find some new amazing features with this app. Cheat codes, layouts with customizing options, options for the screen display, and some amazing tweaks for the performance of the game play to make it smooth. This is exactly same as the frame skipping technique. The emulator runs perfectly with all the game ROMs that it was fed.

AseDS emulator

The RetroArch emulator app.

this RetroArch emulator is free for its users. The particular emulator app is an emulator which is under the label of open source apps. You can have some plenty of systems with this emulator app. Some of those systems are SNES, the PlayStation, the GameBoy and the Nintendo DS games. The app is considered as one of the complex apps, not much but a bit high.

When you consider about other emulator apps, you can see that they are in the form of the cores. But here it is different. In the previous apps, you have to download the particular cores and then later add those downloaded files to the app. So, then you can play the games. The app is good, performs well. But, there were some tiny issues with the games. That is totally normal with an emulator app.

RetroArch emulator

The NDS Boy emulator app.

This NDS Boy app is free for the users. It is a new emulator for the Nintendo DS game world. We can say that this app as the emulator is very much decent to use by the Android users. The Android users will feel the major difference of this app, because the app has a large compatibility for the ROMs. That compatibility is higher than the usual compatibility of the Nintendo DS emulator apps. 

The Android users will also get some other important and amazing features with the NDS Boy app. The Android users will have the ability to customize the controls of a given game. You can also save the game states and then load them when you return or resume the Nintendo games.

This app is very much compatible with the NDS technological games. You can have the 7Z, RAR, ZIP and the nds file with no issue. The best thing about this app is you do not have to spend your money with the in app purchasing tasks with this free app. We like to say an important thing for our users that is you have to own an Android device which is high end. So, make sure to choose an Android device which is new and with a good capacity.

NDS Boy emulator

The Drastic DS emulator app.

Not like other apps, you have to pay a certain amount to have this app with you. That is, you have to pay about 5.99 dollars to download the app. The Drastic emulator is the best and the most stable app which is available at the present situation. This app has the ability to play lots of high tech games with no issue. You have the opportunity to have some amazing experience with the features of the app.

The Android users can customize the screen layout of the Nintendo games. As you can see, when you start playing the game from the Drastic DS emulator app, the user can switch from portrait mode to the landscape mode and vice versa. 

Drastic DS emulator

In addition, the app has the support for the hardware controllers such as the physical controllers of the app, the Android device users can fast forward the game which is exactly 2 times more as the actual gaming speed. You can even save the game states to the Google drive. So that when you resume the game, you can synchronize the game state from the Google drive and then play. So, with this method you do not have to start it from the beginning.

If you have a high end device, then you can have some specific additional graphical features with this app. You may think that the price for this app is high, but the benefits and the important abilities you get to the app is unique. So we recommend the app for you.

We hope that you had a great idea of the Android emulator apps to play the Nintendo games. All of the apps are unique and high in performance. We cannot just recommend only one app for you. We invite you to dive into these specific apps and get to know the specific qualities of it.